Protect Your Soon-To-Be College Student with a POA/AMD

Alexandria, VA – Spring is in the air and senioritis is on the minds of high school and college seniors everywhere. As you and your family prepare for the huge milestone of graduation, remember that your 18-year-old is now a legal adult, and your 20-something graduate may be heading off to a new job miles away.

When young adults turn 18, parents lose the legal authority to manage their children’s medical care and financial affairs. In the unlikely but possible event of injury or incapacity, parents are unable to make decisions for their adult children without having executed the proper legal documents.

Before your precious charges leave the family nest, consider having them execute a Power of Attorney and Advance Medical Directive (POA/AMD). The Dean Law Firm has helped dozens of local families secure this peace of mind, and they can help prepare, explain, and properly execute these documents for your children.

Especially for graduation, the POA/AMD is a thoughtful and invaluable gift from parents or grandparents, letting everyone breathe a little easier on the threshold of a new adventure for young adults.

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