The Top Legal Issues Small Business Owners Should be Aware Of

The dawn of the New Year is traditionally a time for resolutions, many of which revolve around people’s personal health or financial well-being. For the small business owner, it is also a good time to get your company in good “legal shape.” It is imperative for small businesses to have their proverbial “ducks in a […]

Fairfax Co. to Provide $25 Million in Grants for Small Businesses

Here’s some good news for local Small Businesses.  Last week, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved $25 million for a grant program to provide relief for small businesses  suffering from the COVID-19 Stay at Home orders.  Known as the Fairfax Rise COVID-19 Small Business and Nonprofit Relief Grant Fund, the program will provide direct […]

Fairfax County Launches Small Business “Microloan Program”

small business microloan

Fairfax County, VA – Today, Fairfax County launched a “micro” loan program to assist resident small businesses in meeting basic operational needs during the COVID-19 crisis. The $2.5 million fund was approved by the Board of Supervisors earlier this month, and will offer up to $20,000 in 0% interest loans for eligible small businesses in […]

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